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Anna Talhami is a poet, storyteller, interdisciplinary artist, activist and sacred provocateur. Her work has appeared internationally: on film, stage, in print, in national museum and gallery exhibitions, and on TV, including ABC Family, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), MTV and many others. She has written, directed and produced documentary series, including on transgender advocacy and youth imprisonment. While innovating in creative spaces, she has created, organized and participated in peace building and collective trauma healing in the US, Middle East and Europe.


Anna is a facilitator of sacred spaces and group dialogue, a writer, storyteller, creative artist, documentarian and human rights activist.

She specializes in building bridges, acknowledging collective pain towards group healing. She fosters deep understanding and connection that enriches community and uncovers our collective wisdom.

She weaves the spiritual, the digital, pop culture, still visual art and text for immersive and memorable experiences towards radical love and collective liberation.

Anna has written, directed and produced an array of documentary series including on transgender issues and youth imprisonment. She has navigated these issues while running departments for production companies, major networks and non-profit organizations. Her work has appeared on ABC Family, MTV, Vh1, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), WE: Women’s Entertainment, A&E, Biography, and many others

The educational short film she directed, Becoming Henry, is now at the The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., following a film festival and museum tour across the U.S. Her paintings and photography for peace and human rights have shown in galleries both in the U.S. and Romania.

With her partner, she co-founded the Bahebak Project, to change the conversation to love. She is the American representative for the Nonviolent/ Compassionate Communication (NVC) community of Palestine.