Interfaith + Multifaith

Devoted to interfaith understanding, Anna honors each of our individual paths and traditions, appreciating and recognizing both our individuality and our unity as a whole.

She is a member of the multi-faith, international Zen Peacemakers Order, founded by Zen Master Roshi Bernie Glassman.

After studying and practicing in Hindu/ Advaita Vedanta community for some years, she lived for a year as a novitiate Vedanta (Hindu) nun of the Ramakrishna Order of India, where she taught classes and led retreats. While there, she also translated prayers for interfaith gatherings and led interfaith events. With deep honoring and crediting of this lineage and extended family, Anna left monastic life to to learn more about peacebuilding in the world and root more deeply in her ancestral tradition.

She teaches interfaith understanding with all communities, from religious centers to conferences, and around Jewish and Muslim understanding at Jewish centers, including JCCs and Synagogues.