Write from Your Authentic Voice. 




Healing-Informed Coaching

I work with many clients navigating trauma, whether exploring it in their writing directly or navigating its impact as a creative. 

As a published writer and produced playwright and screenwriter who is dually trained in facilitating collective healing and empathic coaching, I offer a model for connecting with yourself and feeling safe and supported to create amazing new work, as well as to refine what you have written.

You will learn ongoing prompts and grounding practices that you can take with you to stay connected to yourself, hear your authentic voice and create from an authentic place. Not only do clients find this an affirming practice, they are amazed at the quality of writing that comes out of it.

My clients are currently creating memoir, creative nonfiction, theater, opera, one-person shows, lyrical essays, articles, blogs and collections of poetry. 




Create a Write Practice 

I offer inspiring  prompts and homework tailored to you, so that you can continue to reconnect to yourself, refine your work and develop your writing practice. These can help you:

  • Generate new work
  • Refine and elevate your writing
  • Get recommendations for writers and writing that can inspire you
  • Gain clarity for self-editing
  • Make choices in your work that is rooted in alignment with you
  • Acquire a collection of prompts that will make you wonder why you thought writer’s block was even a thing. (Hint: It feels like a thing – it doesn’t have to be a thing ever again.)
  • Organize and (re)order your writing 
  • Create time and space to write
  • Honor your work 
  • Hone in on a submission plan, if you decide you want to share your work (writing for you is also gorgeous and important)
  • Share your work in a way that feels authentic and positive for you

When we begin to tell our story, a ripple takes place inside us and carries out into the world. We shift our connection to ourselves and our story. We model reclaiming our relationship to our stories and others feel inspired to do the same. In this way, we show up for each other and ourselves, using our gift of creativity.

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Some of my clients are writing to heal trauma, to cope with depression or to reclaim their bodies. Many scientific studies – as well as successful writers and those who journal alike – have found that writing about painful experiences can enhance immune response, speed your recovery and improve your mental health. This is a home for finding the sacred in your experiences and yourself, for unearthing your story and discovering your authentic voice through the ancient and modern practice of creativity. Let’s get started.

Much of my published and produced writing comes from this powerful place – longing for a better world and then imagining it. Reminding myself of my wholeness and reminding you of yours. Setting the stage for action towards the world I want and then stepping into it. I am thrilled share this practice with you. Email me to begin.

What is Transformative Writing?

My work focusses on collective healing and recognizing our wholeness. 

Transformation happens when we step into our own stories and share them with the world. Whether you are a poet, storyteller, or don’t know yet, but are ready to find out – the world wants to be transformed by your words.



More about my writing journey:

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Anna began as a playwright, produced off-Broadway and nationally. She graduated from Playwrights Horizons Professional Training Program (then for professional playwrights, now a department with NYU). She went on to write for television (ABC Family, MTV, Oprah Winfrey Network), oversee the story departments for documentary series on major TV networks, and advise, consult and script-doctor story for film. A published writer, she has been fortunate to perform her own work theatrically, telling her stories and sharing her poetry around the world. Her work has been in film, TV, print, on the stage, and in galleries and museums. While innovating in creative spaces, she has created, organized and participated in peace building and collective trauma healing in the US, Middle East and Europe. 

She teaches workshops and guides individuals in unearthing and telling their story, as well as refining their work, to ready for publishing. She brings to this journey an emphasis on the authentic personal process and voice. She and her clients have found this integral to a compelling storytelling experience, for audience and storyteller alike. Most recently, she was recently a featured speaker and panelist at the national Theopoetics Conference, performed her poetry at Omni Commons, and has shown her writing as text art in multiple installations, including at the Alena Museum’s Reclaim Our City Festival, in the Healing Room. Her work explores the relationship between imagination, spirituality and liberation. She has recent work in Rattle and Life as Ceremony.

Reach out to get started: communicateandcollaborate (@)