September 2016

Paintings by Anna Goodman-Herrick – Exhibition – Kol Shofar’s Gallery Space


June 2016

“Becoming Henry” -Educational Short Film directed by Anna Goodman-Herrick  – comes to  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.

January 2016

Photography by Anna Goodman-Herrick – Exhibition – Romania


Photo by Anna Goodman-Herrick. All rights reserved. Contact for permission to use.

Space for Meditation & Prayer, Memorial for the Victims of Resistance Against Communism (Memorialul Victimelor Comunismului și al Rezistenței).  

  • Exhibition curated by Anca Tepei and NGO Asociaţia Tinerilor Intelectuali pentru Dezvoltarea Culturii Urbane. NGO Nickname: Attitude Club

In 2015, I visited Sighetu-Marmeței, Romania, where my family had lived for generations before being deported to Auschwitz. Inspired by Bearing Witness to genocide with the Zen Peacemakers, I decided to go to Romania and learn more. There, I met Jewish, Romany, and Christian people, all dealing with a country post Hungarian, Nazi, and Communist Occupation. Some of my photos have become part of a city-wide exhibition put on by an NGO in a concerted effort to revitalize the arts and community. The show, in venues throughout the city, highlights the Urban Culture of a city in flux. Proceeds support people in need in the region.

I am working on making prints available in the USA, in partnership with the exhibition. More of my photos from the exhibition to be posted soon.