Sacred Healing + Mystic Teaching

Photo by Martin Adams

She teaches and facilitates retreats and workshops at spiritual centers and events, and also works with people individually. She honors the individual path and traditions of each person she works with. She invites “people of all faith and no faith at all” to find their wholeness, using inclusive language, while grounding in her traditions and lineages.

Jewish Mysticism

Rooted in her ancestral tradition of Judaism, Anna leads guided meditations, rituals and services, shares sacred storytelling and teaches about methods for connecting to and honoring ourselves and each other through traditionally radical-love practices and holy narratives.

Anna shares and teaches practices of ancient and ongoing traditions of Jewish mysticism. She brings this understanding and connection to services, rituals, storytelling and guided meditations. She has received brachot (blessings) to teach Jewish Mysticism and Practice.

Interfaith + Multifaith

Devoted to interfaith understanding, Anna honors each of our individual paths and traditions, appreciating and recognizing both our individuality and our unity as a whole.

She is a member of the multi-faith, international Zen Peacemakers Order, founded by Zen Master Roshi Bernie Glassman.

After studying and practicing in Hindu/ Advaita Vedanta community for some years, she lived for a year as a novitiate Vedanta (Hindu) nun of the Ramakrishna Order of India, where she taught classes and led retreats. While there, she also translated prayers for interfaith gatherings and led interfaith events. With deep honoring and crediting of this lineage and extended family, Anna left monastic life to to learn more about peacebuilding in the world and root more deeply in her ancestral tradition.

She teaches interfaith understanding with all communities, from religious centers to conferences, and around Jewish and Muslim understanding at Jewish centers, including JCCs and Synagogues.

Spiritual Companionship + Co-Guidance

Anna offers spiritual companionship as a fellow traveler, working with folks personally and in groups. Contact to get started.

Sacred Teaching and Arts

Upcoming: May 2020, Multi-faith Gathering in Auschwitz, Poland. Anna will facilitate bearing witness, ancestor connection, and contemplation on our human, interconnected and interdependent relationship to mass harm and care around the world. Contact for more information

On the Last Day of Passover, Rattle (Recorded and written Poetry)

Interdisciplinary Art, including the Healing Room installation at the Alena Museum.

Learn more about Anna’s teaching here.