Television: Documentary

“If you have lived it, then it seems I must hear it.”

– Holly Near

from Bearing Witness by Ellen Bass

My ideal projects create a container for deeper connection, raise visibility and awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, and hold the possibility of leading to a more loving world.

Television Documentary Series – Networks: ABC Family, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, WE: Women’s Entertainment, MTV, VH1, Bravo, Fox, Sundance, Showtime, Pivot, A&E, A&E Biography.

 Selected Highlights:

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A warm, authentic look at the love between a transgender man and a devout Christian, cis-gender woman. Scott went on to become the first transgender actor to have a major recurring role on daytime television, in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Jessica tours with her one-person shows and teaches people how to create their own.

What’s the response been like since your episode aired?
Scott: I was in IKEA today and a family stopped me and asked if I was just on television. They said it was so good and that we were beautiful and that they talked about [the episode] as a family. That’s exactly what you want to hear in IKEA.  Read the rest of this interview about the show’s impact; participating in a documentary (this one); and navigating allyship, spirituality, gender, abstinence, and sexuality in modern society:



After Ellen:

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HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL SEASON 2 – WE: Women’s Entertainment  An eight-part documentary mini-series following ten female students in Chicago, through all four years of high school, airing in one season. Ten young women from a range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds come of age during the Great Recession.

“ADDICTED TO FOOD” – OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

An exec warned me: This many be the hardest project you ever do. You’ll probably hate us. The subject is painful, the weather is hot, you’ll be in the middle of nowhere, back-woods Texas. I said, Cool, sign me up. (*Bonus: I didn’t wind up hating them.)

As a producer on this series, I spent 2 weeks on the road with the clients, following their days before rehab, and interviewing them about their fears, their hopes, and their life-or-death need to change. Then, all the producers and the amazing crew went to rehab with the clients for a 6-week program in 100+ degree humidity in a tiny town called Buffalo Gap. Along with my amazing co-producers, I directed cameras from inside a remote room to not obstruct the process. I interviewed the clients throughout their most intense breaking points and uplifting self-discoveries. I got to know – and really like – the middle of “nowhere” Texas and the community that embraced us there.

I have a lot of respect for these clients, who shared their lives with us and all of America to provide people at home with hope and a means to improve their own lives. The subject and sensitivity with which we were allowed to film was very real. This is definitely one of my favorite TV series I’ve ever done.