Two Poems: Radio Bloomsday

On June 16, 2019, I performed two poems on the radio on WBAI 99.5FM in NYC ( worldwide) for Radio Bloomsday.

This first poem I wrote in response to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Hymn to Bloodletting, Sacrifice of Becoming – Written and performed by Anna Talhami

The second is a cut-up/mashup poem I composed from the words of, about and relating to Lucia Joyce (pictured), James’ Joyce’s daughter, an experimental dancer reviewers expected to eclipse her father in being known for her genius creativity. Misdiagnosed and mistreated for her mental illness, she laughed at Carl Jung who tried analyzing her, “As if that man should try to get hold of my soul.” Incarcerated in an asylum in England, land of her colonizers, she set fire to her room. #IStanLucia #TeamLucia

Woman on Fire – Written and performed by Anna Talhami

All rights reserved Anna Talhami. Please contact me for licensing permissions. Sharing is beautiful, and so is consent.

About Radio Bloomsday 2019:

Radio Bloomsday returns this Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16th from 7pm to 1am hosted by Caraid O’Brien and Janet Coleman.  We will be investigating the roles of fathers, dead and alive, absent and present throughout Ulysses.  The Calypso episode will be performed in its entirety featuring Wallace Shawn and Anne Enright.  Artists appearing on the broadcast include Jerry Stiller, Anne, Enright, Wallace Shawn, Mara McEwin, Alec Baldwin, David Dozer, Janet Coleman, Paul Dooley, Aaron Beall, T. Ryder Smith, Christine de Michele,  Marie Louise Bowe, Raluca Barbulescu, Wendy Rule, Anna Talhami, Mannix Beall-O’Brien and many others.  Caraid O’Brien performs the complete Molly Bloom episode at the end of the broadcast.  Radio Bloomsday will also include a tribute to Joyce’s former secretary playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett with a performance of Molloy by Alvin Epstein.  Listen in New York City on 99.5 FM or live online worldwide at