Facilitation: Workshops, Retreats and other Programs

“That’s how it is in love –
it’s hard to tell the difference
between us.”

– from Ma’ariv by Anna Talhami









With some participants from the Young Women’s Spiritual Retreat and 6-Week Program, facilitating celebration and dialogue with women 18-30’s of many faiths

Anna leads workshops, retreats, and inspiring processing groups. She has facilitated and led bridge-building programs in many social justice and spiritual communities, including for women, multi-faith and multi-cultural understanding, rabbis and rabbinical students, intergenerational (children and senior citizens), indigenous and nonnative people, American Jews and Palestinians, youth, and Hindu families newly immigrated to the U.S. from India. Trained in bearing witness to genocide and human rights, she facilitates honoring and healing from collective and intergenerational trauma.

“Anna is putting the world back together. She is making the pieces fit.”

– Grayson Sloan, Participant  

“Anna heals with her presence and words. I have been in circles with her and am inspired by the depth, compassion and healing she brings to a dialogue. I have seen her be a witness for others’ pain and be able to hold it and help transform and integrate it. Her voice is always one of inclusion and when she facilitates, there is a trust that she holds all the voices and can speak to what needs to be spoken. I find her very courageous, intuitive, compassionate, and a healer, personally and as a collective experience.”

 – Janice Eng, Northwest Compassionate Communication

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Young Women’s Satsang at the Vedanta Temple, Santa Barbara:

Multi-faith Community Gardening 

Anna understands firsthand the frustrations and missed opportunities that come with what she calls “stumbling towards peace.” She looks forward to working with you and your community in making your journey smoother.   Contact Anna here to get started.